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Henri Nouwen once wrote that “there are times in life when a person will be taken on a journey not of their own choosing, and it is often during these times that we are susceptible to finding ourselves at a place called uncertainty.”  In  essence, this is a place of being stuck at a crossroad not knowing which direction to take that will produce the results we so desire.

It is here that we’ll find our intellect, experience, skills, credentials, or educational accomplishments often fails us.  It is here that we become the most vulnerable to a progressive downward spiral as we realize we just can’t seem to help ourselves or better our situation no matter the effort or how determined we may be!   

Yet, regardless of where you might find yourself today, it should not be regarded as hopeless.  It is often a ‘stop or pause’ in your life that requires reflection, reevaluation and repositioning in order for you to again move towards success and wholeness.   

Where you are today does not define who you are as a person nor does it limits the possibilities for your tomorrow.

However,  this is a pivotal time; and, when friends and family don’t understand can lead to isolation, withdrawal, and masking. All can make things worse. During these times in your life’s journey you could greatly benefit from connecting with someone that can help you talk it through and walk it out.  You could use a caring professional with an empathetic ear, unbiased position, and nonjudgmental stance that can support you and provide you the tools necessary to take steps to better yourself, your situation and/or foster a positive impact on those surrounding you.

I am that person!  I am a professional Counselor with an extensive background gained from both personal and professional experiences. I am passionate about my position, and I am committed to working with each client in a manner to meet their individual needs.

As a matter of disclosure, I received a 'MA' in Counseling from Ashland Theological Seminary.  However, although I am a license counselor by profession, I am a Christian counselor at heart; and I do believe that the application of biblical principles will produce definite results.

Albeit my personal truth, I respect each person individual rights. As such, I am very much familiar with clinical methodologies, and will utilize various approaches such as Gestalt, Person-Centered, Cognitive Behavioral, Solution-Focus, and others as deemed appropriate to encourage the best outcome.  My clients decide which approach (biblical, clinical or integration of both) is better suited for them.

Given my training, experience and personal commitment, I can emphatically say that change is possible! And now is the time to take steps to explore opportunities that could enhance your life.  

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