Stigma vs. TRUTH


The ‘truth’ is at times we can all find ourselves at places in life that we had not planned on. We have and can still experience hurts, brokenness, and deep wounds from those we love and care about or from the various circumstances we encounter as we travel through life.

The ‘truth’ is, at times we could greatly benefit from intervention, insight, and engaging with someone / others that not only have training or skills, but also have some relatableness to our life challenges.

The ‘truth’ is 1 in 4 people experience  emotional upset that leads to dysfunction and/or mental health issue in their lifetime.

The 'truth' is, Stigma toward emotional / mental health issues and intervention typically stems from the way we come to understand concepts through culture and influential individuals. 

Many phrases and idioms that are commonly used can contribute to misunderstanding and reluctance to seek assistance for fear of being perceived as “weak” or “crazy”; however, one of the best ways to contribute to improving yourself, your emotional and mental health, bettering relationships and making our families and communities healthier is by ensuring we are managing ourselves and meeting our own needs. 

Counseling / Therapy, whether Individually or  via Support Group is an invaluable tool that provides many benefits. 



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